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Company Profile : Commercial + Hotel Fitting

NOUVEAU is a true chamaleon of the furniture industry. Its ability to identify and create that special space has enabled all clients to be totally satisfied with the Nouveau experience.

Nouveau is blessed with an array of professional and highly skilled tradespeople which ensures the project is completed on time, on budget and with minimum fuss. Polishing, upholstery and decorating advice is all included in the service.

Nouveaus ability to customise its fine range of classical furniture in both construction and finish allows our clients the freedom to achieve a unique and distinctive product to feel proud of.

Nouveau has established itself as an important source of fine quality traditional furniture. The range is both extensive and varied. Our project involvement is as varied as our furniture itself. Specific needs of B&Bs, businesses, developers, embassies and hotel complexes have all been catered for and succesfully completed.

An ever expanding area; we look forward to the continued challenges our clients presents. We welcome your enquiry. No matter how large or small.

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